Welcome to evolvingblue, the work of Edmonton based designer Taylor Reese.


Please browse a limited selection of my work on the world wide web over the past few years. Most recently I've been focusing on responsive design, conversion rate optimization, rapid prototyping and search engine optimization.

EDA Collaborative

EDA Collaborative has a reputation of excellence in planning, landscape architecture, urban design, project management and environmental management. Their website has to support their leadership and credibility in these areas, as well as communicate their clean, modern esthetic.

The home page of the site allows EDA to show off their best work, with a full screen slider. This bold opening clearly communicates their depth of knowledge, range of experience and ability to execute.

As Top Draw's lead designer on this project, I worked with their Edmonton office to design a site that could handle the vast amount and variety of projects they've completed over the past 30 years in a minimal manner. Balancing the desire for a rich site with the ability for EDA to maintain their content with ease was accomplished using WordPress. The stage has even been set to add to their chinese content as they expand into Hong Kong.

I used Foundation to build a prototype for the client, and which I then worked on top of in Photoshop to produce the final proof of concept.

South Edmonton Common

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South Edmonton Common is a 320 acre retail power centre located in Edmonton, Alberta. Containing more than 2.3 million square feet of space, it is one of the largest open-air retail developments in North America.

As Incite web team's lead designer on this project, I worked with South Edmonton Common's existing brand and revised colour palette to create a web presence communicating their market position.

I executed the visual design from sketch to wireframe, and completed the work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

This project was then developed and completed in house at Incite Marketing. This simplified the process for shoppers planning a trip and bridging the gap between the website and physical shopping centre.


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AirSprint provides fractional aircraft ownership, allowing their clients to enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost. Their motto: Travel where you want, when you want and with whom you want - without the hassles of commercial travel.

My role in this project was lead designer as part of Incite's web team. The project's numerous considerations, initially daunting, proved helpful in defining and refining my design.

Image treatments, textures, and type all played into the success of the end result.

I conceptualized this project on paper and refined it through wireframes. The final site was designed in Adobe Photoshop, and developed in house at Incite Marketing.