Welcome to evolvingblue, the work of Edmonton based designer Taylor Reese.


An incredible tactile experience can push your brand past the minds of your audience and on into their hearts. I've used books throughout my career to communicate with more than just the words printed on their pages.

Deadwear Book

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The Deadwear book was constructed with some pieces of screened leather, book board, paper, thread and adhesives. I wanted to test how well various leathers would handle silkscreened graphics and type, and the test pieces turned out so beautifully that inspiration hit pretty hard.

I kept the design of the book pretty simple. The skeleton and tombstone motifs are seen throughout the clothing line. I added in some contrast and drama using positive and negative space, as well as the hit of colour with the red thread used only on the spine.

My favorite elements of the deadwear book are the tactile look and feel with the suede, the hand stitching and the screens.

I meant this book to function in a couple of ways. First and foremost, I wanted it to act as a gallery for the work done by those involved with deadwear. So often with a project like this, ideas come from far and wide, some making a big splash and others never making it to production. My goal was to provide a book to collect and catalogue the work. My second aim was that it would be a nice marketing piece for the brand.

C17 Book

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The C17 Proposal book was all about clean lines and crisp presentation. A business proposal has to be about the details it contains, but the overall package can communicate just as much and can seal the deal before the first page is creased. A potential client receiving this proposal understands very quickly your attention to detail, your level of execution, and your esthetic.

The proposal itself was laid out in Adobe InDesign, and the cover was done with a stamp.

The construction was fairly simple: book board, the right paper, adhesive, a couple of screw posts and a custom cut rubber stamp. Since the book has no spine, I didn't have to concern myself with the size of the book block or construction of signatures which are time consuming components of a traditional book. Inside the back cover was a mini cd containing the propsal in PDF format so that this nation wide group could quickly pass the information along to all members.

Clearwing Book

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The Clearwing book is another experiment gone right.

Since many of the elements used on the cover of a book need to span both the front and back cover, even small graphics or text are difficult because of the size of the paper they need to be on and pattern is often out of the question. These details also need to be durable, as books tend to end up in many hard wearing situations throughout their life span. When I found this paper punched full of holes, I saw it as a solution to both of those problems.

The black printing was done on a bright piece of paper, and then covered with the black pre-punched paper. I worked with the size and position to ensure that enough detail would come through the grid created by the holes. The cover is made of book board, wrapped with the two papers. The blank paper inside is rice paper.

This book was a gift for a close friend.