Welcome to evolvingblue, the work of Edmonton based designer Taylor Reese.


A well executed identity is the first opportunity every company has of setting itself apart from it's competition. Colour, typography and shape are the main tools used to paint a single picture that represents your organization.

Upstart Strategy

Upstart Strategy was an upstart itself. While the people behind it have years of experience, the idea itself was reasonably new. Offer big money solutions to small and medium sized businesses. They want to be, and create in their own companies and spaces, radical change agents.

Because Upstart wanted to travel in many circles with their brash mix of business and art, I created a brand that worked in almost any colour. Even the four initial colours printed communicate strength and variety, with a hint of unpredicatability.

I spent a while coming up with concepts that fit with pen and paper, but in the end they felt the same way as I did. An identity based on a venn diagram just made too much sense. But like many elements of this project, we coloured outside the lines. The end result shows a simple representation of a high level organization, but also communicates change, growth and irreverance. We brought it all home with a robust slab serif, and put a round brand on square cards.


Keylite Design Inc. does incredible lighting design and needed a brand that communicated their precision and quality. I set to work on the research and followed that up with a few sketched pages of concepts. In the end, the shape of a leko read clean but technical, and communicated that lighting was the business at hand.

The short list of successful sketches was scanned and pulled into Adobe Illsustator, where all of the final artwork was created.

The cards read crisply and cleanly as well, and the custom drilled hole at the centre of the crosshair allows for demonstrations of lighting concepts using the cards themselves.

Invert 720

Invert 720 does highly techincal event production, making sure to get every bit of performance out of the big screens, sound, and lighting. Personal service is a cornerstone of their business, and they like to bring a creative edge and take each event they do up a notch. They were looking for a strong visual with that creative edge.

Sketches were talked over at length, tweaked, and then scanned. The type was done in Adobe Illustrator, and the brush strokes were created in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet.